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Based on a simple premise the private sector creates jobs, not government, Michael has always been committed to making sure state government creates the conditions necessary for businesses to grow and thrive, which in return will expand job opportunities, promote economic development, and make our state more prosperous for all.  

·    In his first act as State Senator, Michael filed legislation to improve the business climate by reducing business costs and easing regulatory burdens to help small businesses across the SouthCoast. This legislation resulted in:

o  Provided relief and protected local small businesses from an unemployment insurance (UI) rate increase by passing the UI rate freeze law in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, which has held steady the rate schedule for UI assessments on employers;

o  Established of the Workforce Training Trust Fund to ensure our local businesses receive the resources they need to increase the skill set of the SouthCoast region's workforce through re-training, and;

o  Helped small businesses meet the state’s “Fair Share” mandate and reduce health care costs by increasing the “fair share assessment” threshold by allowing businesses to count employees that have qualifying health insurance coverage from a spouse, a parent, a veteran’s plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or a plan or plans due to a disability or retirement towards their compliance rate as a “contributing employer”;

o  Required the Commonwealth to enter into at least 15% of their procurement contracts with small businesses annually.

·    Rising from the ashes of the former Kerr Mill site is UMass Dartmouth’s Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center (ATMC) which, because of Michael’s leadership at the state level, is now a regional economic development magnet supporting innovative start-up companies and partnerships between industry leaders and UMass Dartmouth students and faculty.

·    Near and dear to Michael’s heart is a project he has been integral in: the SouthCoast Biopark in Fall River. Promising to build on the success of the ATMC, the SouthCoast Life Science and Technology Park is working to leverage the creation of new jobs and make Greater Fall River a center for the burgeoning life science and biotechnology industries.

·    Recently, Michael helped advance and secure passage of law that implements retainage payment reforms that provide much needed relief to the entire construction industry – subcontractors, general contractors and owners alike – and injects millions of dollars back into our economy. Because of Michael’s leadership, small businesses will be able to provide weekly payroll, benefits and other expenses, and provide good jobs that will boost our Commonwealth’s economy.












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