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Michael has always worked for improving government efficiency, transparency, and accountability. He has worked to pass common sense bills that root out corruption and restore the public’s trust in government.

·    In the 2013-2014 legislative session, Michael and his colleagues tackled campaign finance disclosures, bringing a higher level of transparency to elections in the Commonwealth. The law strengthens reporting requirements for independent expenditure committees, corporations, and labor unions and enhances public access to information regarding campaign contributions, thus increasing voters’ ability to make informed decisions.

·    Michael was proud to join with his colleagues in passing what the Boston Globe deemed, “the most sweeping ethics overhaul in decades,” as a step toward rebuilding and regaining the public’s trust in the legislative process. The 2009 law recreated stricter regulations, imposed harsher penalties on violators, and strengthened the authority of the Attorney General and other regulatory agencies in combating public corruption.

·    As Vice-Chairman for the Committee on Public Service, Michael played an integral role in legislation that addressed abuses of the Commonwealth’s pension system. The law banned the use of housing benefits, car-related costs, and other bonuses to inflate pensions, saving the tax-payers money.










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