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Throughout his career, Michael has made modernizing our public transportation infrastructure a top priority. After all, Michael believes by creating 21st century transportation system for the Commonwealth, we can foster more job opportunities for residents, spur economic growth, and make Massachusetts an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Recognizing that the transportation needs of the SouthCoast are distinct from those folks that live in other regions of the state, Michael has long worked to free up state revenues and provide fiscal flexibility to ensure SouthCoast Rail is no longer a dream, but a reality finally in the making.

Working with the Governor’s Office and his colleagues in the local legislative delegation, Michael has been a strong advocate in the effort to restore commuter rail service between Fall River and Boston. SouthCoast Rail will encourage economic development and job creation, will attract further investment in the Greater Fall River area, and will address longstanding inequities in transportation services available in the region. The SouthCoast Rail project has made enormous strides over the past several years and has never been closer to reality.

     Michael pushed for and supported a transportation finance plan that guarantees $805 million in new resources for the transportation system by FY2018. This plan included traditional funding sources as well as proactive measures: moving DOT personnel costs off the capital budget, requiring DOT and the MBTA to generate own-source revenue and share in the cost of funding an improved transportation system, and dedicating the motor vehicle sales tax proceeds to transportation needs.

     After many years of working towards SouthCoast Rail, Michael and his SouthCoast Legislative Delegation colleagues were successful in securing a $2.3 billion bond authorization for SouthCoast rail improvements as well as a SouthCoast rail mitigation program to assist communities impacted by the SouthCoast rail project.

     As part of a $12.766 billion transportation finance bond bill to bolster the state’s transportation systems, improve existing infrastructure and assist Massachusetts’ communities in funding local projects, Michael worked closely with his SouthCoast Legislative Delegation colleagues to advocate for and successfully secure the following earmarks:

o  $400,000 for the Hix Bridge Dredging Project in Westport;

o  $2 million for the Bark Street/Stevens Street Roundabout Project in Swansea;

o  $500,000 for the Braga Bridge Lighting Project in Fall River;

o  $400,000 for Route 79 Improvement Project in Lakeville;

o  $1.5 million for road improvement projects in Freetown;

o  $175,000 for Riverside Avenue pedestrian riverwalk in Somerset.

     As a longtime advocate for increased Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects, Michael and his SouthCoast Legislative Delegation colleagues have been able to deliver the following (over the last three fiscal years - FY12 , FY13, and FY14) in Chapter 90 local aid funding for the communities of the First Bristol and Plymouth district:

·   Fall River $5,759,556
·   Freetown $1,215,224
·   Lakeville $1,110,724
·   Rochester $1,231,644
·   Somerset $1,540,582
·   Swansea  $1,698,921
·   Westport    $1,982,904























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